Position Detection

In support of the “zero error” principle, DIS deploys equipment monitoring and locating devices. By means of Messenger devices and active RFID installed on equipment such as straddle carriers, terminal trucks and reach stackers, wireless position determination is possible either through both GPS as well as through deploying “Reference Generators”. This is also termed as a Real Time Locating System (RTLS). The devices can integrate with the equipment PLC thereby making it possible to gain details on the equipment status, but also make provide for possibilities to physically prevent “illegal actions” and making sure the TOS planning is followed. 
These marine telematics devices  provide far reaching benefits to terminal operators by providing the ability to continuously report equipment positions. Through our integrated platform Global Control System, the following concepts arise:
  • Job Promotion: Automatic promoting the relevant job order to the CHE operator based on the container pick-up
  • Job Stepping: Automatic updating of the relevant job order step
  • Auto container hand-off: By combining the above, making sure any container transfer is constantly known
By the combination with our VMT application, part of the Global Control System, our solution can provide the ‘ears & eyes’ to the TOS, leaving only a standardized interface to be enabled.

By leveraging the power and flexibility of RTLS, GPS, wireless sensing, OCR into one integrated platform, termed the Global Control System, numerous optimization possibilities are enabled, for which traceability, productivity and safety is key. Our entirely scalable and completely flexible system facilitates the automatic and real-time following of equipment and container flows.