Laser systems can be deployed for measurement purposes and thereby being able to automatically identify shapes, classify objects or identify irregularities. DIS deployed multiple installations in combination with OCR to classify chassis types, detailed container positions, check for empty containers and more. The future possibilities go even beyond this.

The aim of the Classification system for Gate- or Rail  automation is to provide additional information about the truck/wagon/container combination, e.g. chassis type, container amount, size, shape and position on the chassis. This information can be used to determine the container load and unload position for automated container handling, comparison with output of weighbridges or other specific purposes.

The truck classification system will be able to recognize the following:

  • Length & height of passing objects
  • Amount of containers
  • Size of containers
  • Detailed position of containers
  • Chassis/Wagon type & length

This lasers will continuously measure the distance from the laser to the object. This results in a “point cloud” graphical picture, including all measurement data. 

Damage Suspect Indicator

The Damage Suspect Indicator (DSI) is the result of the question we get a lot on if it is possible to automatically detect damage. The answer is yes and no. Automatically classifying damage with sufficient accuracy does not belong to the options. Instead, we are in the process of developing the DSI that automatically detects deviations using the Laser technology. 

Through this system, exceptions can be generated through which trouble clerks only have to check the OCR images & video of these containers that received an alarm. This way inspection efforts related to damage can be heavily reduced.