Driver Pedestals

Automated gates require driver interaction outside. Our pedestals are created in our own design/engineering department and are based upon the highest quality of used materials. The key features that we had in mind in the engineering process are that the pedestals must be:
  • Robust and designed to work in harsh environments
  • Climate proof and withstand the most extreme weather conditions
  • Modular built and being able to support multiple configurations
  • Easy to install and require a single connection
  • Easy to service at all times
All truck driver dialog related components are integrated in the front panel which give a very good accessibility to the components in case of unforeseen malfunction.
All equipment is connected to the backplanes by means of industrial connectors. This makes swapping of components or even putting in a total new front door very easy. In case new functionality needs to be added (like a hand scan reader) a new front door can be designed or in the initial design a space can already be foreseen by means of a modular plate.

The size of the pedestal makes it possible to house also additional hardware from surrounding equipment like controllers, switches, media converters, etc. The driver pedestal functions in that case like a ‘field equipment cabinet’.

For cases where only a limited configuration is required for process points where for example only a card reader and intercom device are required, the ‘slim line pedestal’ is developed. The same look & feel applies, but it is more cost effective. Such pedestals are often deployed at ASC transfer points.
Nowadays, over 200 driver pedestals from DIS are deployed all around the world.