Access Control

Protect and control access to your premises, restricted areas and equipment. By installing card reader access on traffic barriers, access gates, main doors, internal doors and equipment control boards, DIS can support getting grip over personnel, visitors and supplier access traceability and thereby securing the facility and operations. 

Our package includes the full solutions to:
  • Produce: Issue own contactless RFID cards printed in full colour 
  • Monitor: Monitor and report on all events such as access/arrival
  • Define: Control authorizations over areas, group authorities, users and single readers
  • Administer: Easily add and update new staff and related authorizations 
  • Link: External employee databases can be used to control users
  • Limit: Simply produce temporary cards for visitors & suppliers with limited right
  • Verify: By the use of biometrics, control if the owner of the card is really the owner 
As access control has a close relationship with Gate automation, DIS integrates with all community card systems, such as Cargo Card, Alfapass, Rhides, TWIC and others. 
By combining Access Control with process automation solutions from DIS, the “zero error” traceability concept can be further embraced. One of the advantages of our integrated solution is that operations can be given a single dashboard to fully monitor & control operations as implemented in our Global Control System. This reduces training efforts as well as maintenance & support costs and makes Operations more effective.

An example is where operations is alarmed about an incident. It will now be made possible to report directly about who was driving, which job order it was executing, what its current position is and which container it was actually carrying. By making use of an integrated CCTV solution as well, operations can act as effective as possible.