About us

About us

Dalosy Industrial Systems (DIS) Middle East, is a well-established and leading company within the market of automatic identification. Founded in 2010 DIS Middle East provides solutions in the ports- and maritime market where ‘traceability’ and ‘visibility’ is key. 

DIS is a technology independent solution integrator, with a track record of multiple turnkey and industry proven solutions deployed. We are dedicated in solving business challenges based on a thorough understanding of each customers unique requirements and goals. 

Any solution is fully designed by ourselves by selecting the latest proven technology not limited to any specific. This includes Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), biometrics, bar codes, smart cards, laser and Global Positioning System (GPS). Solutions compromise of Gate automation packages and fully automated border checks for both waterside & landside. Whatever the solution will be, key business drivers are productivity, safety and traceability. 

Seamless integration with all well-known Terminal Operating Systems have been deployed by means of our cost effective and unique middleware layer, the Global Control System (GCS). Turn key projects have been deployed for container terminals reaching up to 3 million TEU of container handling capacity.

As DIS Middle East, the solutions deployed this far show that we are dedicated in solving business challenges perfectly, case per case and with the right mentality.